Can you create a network with dial up

  bison 19:47 07 Dec 2004

I have 2 pc's in seperate rooms that are not connected in any way and would like to know if you can access the internet with both pc's at the same time using dial up?
I have heard I may be able to, by creating a network
If so how and what would I need?
Would it make the connection even slower for downloads etc?
I am using windows ME
Many thanks in advance.

  fred 20:40 07 Dec 2004


If you are running XP on one of the machines it as as easy as buying a crossover cable and running the wizard from XP

  bison 20:59 07 Dec 2004

Sorry Fred both pc's are using ME

  chaztait 21:00 07 Dec 2004

You dont even need to have the internet to connect them it is easier to use Service Pack 2 rather than Service Pack One as SP2 renews your IP ect with the touch of a button instead of the old manual way. You can also share folders on your netowork so other computers can see them.

You can get SP2 simply by following these instructions click here

You will also need 2 network cards new PCs come with one installed and PATCh cable from your local computer shop or PC World or even the Internet like here click here

Hope this helps


  chaztait 21:02 07 Dec 2004

O they both run ME em ok not to sure about them i had a lot of trouble with my computers when i had ME sorry cant help you with that.

  bison 21:12 07 Dec 2004

Thanks anyway Chaztait but I don't want to connect the 2 pc's as such. What I would like is for me to access the internet on my pc at the same time as my kids accessing it on their pc and was wondering if there was a way of doing this without paying for broadband and still using dial up. I'm probably living in a dreamworld....or cloud cuckoo land....!

  Strawballs 01:01 08 Dec 2004

Yes you can go to add remove programs on the machine with the modem connected to the net and run the add remove windows components and run the internet connection shareing (you will need your me installation disc for this) and follow the instructions you will need a clean floppy which it will ask you to put in then when finished you will need to run this on the other machine. Follow the instructions exactly IE everytime it asks you to reboot do it.
Hardware you will need 2 network cards (unless the machines have onboard lan) and a cross over cable or hub and two RJ45 cables.

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