Can you combine 2 adsl connection?

  rhayman 22:22 01 Jul 2003

I have 2 ADSL connections.
1 is with bt and the other is freedom2surf.
they both use bt lines (i think, it confuses me)

I was wondering if there is a way to use both the connection at the same time. e.g segmented downloading using different connections.

i did notice the Nexland Pro800turbo.
click here
The price is ridiculas though. i could buy a new pc for less.
any replys would be appreciated.
thank you.

  rhayman 22:52 01 Jul 2003

It would be a very cheap pc though :)

  DieSse 22:55 01 Jul 2003

Dump one ADSL connection, and up the speed of the other. No capital investment required.

  jazzypop 23:05 01 Jul 2003

Apparently not - see click here (the rest of the thread is at the bottom of the page).

Remember, if both of these connections are coming over the same telephone line, then that line will be the bottleneck. If they are coming via two separate lines, as you have already foud out, you will need some pretty fancy hardware and software to perform the necessary load-balancing.

  rhayman 00:08 02 Jul 2003

DiwSse one of the connections we are using is a business line and its free :)

  rhayman 00:21 02 Jul 2003

from what ive read it doesent seem possible to combine the connections. but would it be possible when downloading to use the 2 connections for differents segments.
e.g. using download accelerator
sorry if that made no sense, im kinda tires :(

  rhayman 00:23 02 Jul 2003

i also noticed this on the forum jazzypop linked to. click here
i cant find the software relating to this though.

  DieSse 00:53 02 Jul 2003

I really don't understand unless you explain it better - so dump the one you're paying for, and up the speed of the free one. Why try an adopt a complex and expensive facility, when a cheap and easy route is available.

  rhayman 01:14 02 Jul 2003

because my dads business pays for the free one so i cant change that.

  DieSse 01:22 02 Jul 2003

So it's not free then, is it - like I said, if you can explain fully it helps somewhat.

Are these two separate 'phone lines? In what way can you access both of them? I there any more info you haven't let on about yet?

  rhayman 01:38 02 Jul 2003

I have 2 Phone Lines
1 has the freedom2urf adsl
the other has the BT ADSL
the both use seperate USB modems

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