Can you balance sound levels on MP3s?

  plsndrs3 15:36 30 Oct 2005


I have burnt an MP3 disc to play in my car using Nero 6 but the sound levels go up & down - one track just about audible the next so loud the volume has to be turned down.

I know that, if I were to burn Audio tracks I can balance the sound levels by highlighting all and selecting properties, but this does not appear to be an option on Nero for MP3s.

Any software that I can look to get [buy or free] that will do this?



  SurfMonkey _#:@} 15:43 30 Oct 2005

do you have nero there is a thing called wave editor you can adjust the sound of the cd then reburn it to cd it does all different things its quite good if you dont have it you can download the try ne version fro

  plsndrs3 15:46 30 Oct 2005

SurfMonkey _#:@} yes, I have Nero [this is what I use for burning but does this work for MP3s as well as Audio tracks?



  Totally-braindead 17:03 30 Oct 2005

If you create an audio disk using Nero there is a box marked normalise recordings, just tick it, this will do exactly what you want, I think its on the page where you burn,if you look for it you'll find it easily enough

  Totally-braindead 17:05 30 Oct 2005

Sorry just reread what you said, you could burn a audio disk then convert it back to MP3 that should accomplish what you wish.

  plsndrs3 17:07 30 Oct 2005

Totally-braindead - As I posted in my original quetion, I realise that this is possible on Audio files - but it is MP3s that I need to normalize and these are data files.

I think MP3 Doctor may do the trick. I have dowloaded an evaluation version to try & will post back if it works.

Leaving this 'Unresolved' for now ....



  plsndrs3 17:09 30 Oct 2005

Totally-braindead - you re-posted as I replied! :o)

Thanks for the idea - but my car player will play MP3s [over 100 per CD] which is better than audio files [maximum about 20 - depending on length].


  plsndrs3 17:39 30 Oct 2005

Seems to do what I want - but free version will only do 20 files before wanting payment [I have over 100!]. Will tick this as resolved and consider how to check if the few files it has supposedly 'normalised' have actually been don.



  DerekR 17:51 30 Oct 2005

I use this little gem - equalizes volume, checks for broken files (and repairs them)and if you want to, it will convert MP3 to WMA, vog orbis and vice-versa.

Been using it for a couple of years now, could not make the MP3 disks without it

click here

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