Can Word 2003 be Installed over Word 2002

  OldRed 03:59 12 Feb 2006

Can anyone advise.

I have installed Microsoft Worksuite 2005 which includes Word 2002.

I have just purchased a copy of Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 which includes Word 2003.

Do I need to uninstall the copy of Word 2002 from M/S Worksuite 2005 or can I just go ahead and install Office with Word 2003.

If I do will both copies of Word be installed or will the later copy (2003) upgrade the older copy (2002).

Does anyone know of a Microsoft Link that covers this issue if so I would be grateful.


  [DELETED] 05:36 12 Feb 2006

As far as I can remember at this time of the morning it will just overwrite/update 2002.

  [DELETED] 08:21 12 Feb 2006

if not, you can always use unistall to remove the one you dont want. But its more likely that the 2003 will automatically remove 2002 for you.

  [DELETED] 08:25 12 Feb 2006

Yes, you can do it - I did it on a friend's machine recently. You don't need to uninstall Word 2002 first - it will do that as part of the installation process. You will be levt with Word 2003 only. You will need your new serial/key during the installation process.

  OldRed 00:35 13 Feb 2006

Thanks AndySD, surfsteruk & rmcqua for your replies and the good advice given, cheers

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