Can a wireless router do both?

  ripply 23:36 12 Sep 2013

My partner has a wired router for his PC instead of the new wireless type. He has slight reservations about going wireless because the Internet may be slower if he switches to it, also he worries about possible health problems with the signal being around constantly (the computer is in his bedroom). He has talked about changing to wireless as he would like a Kindle or something similar and I am thinking of buying him one for Christmas. I would also like to be able to use my laptop when in his house if he changes to wireless. I'd like to know if he can use the wire they usually provide with the new router for his PC and at the same time, have a wireless signal so both of us can be online at the same time.

  templar_knight 04:04 13 Sep 2013

I use my wireless router with my main computer with which it is wired. This is the fast connection that he would want.

For all other gadgets - iphone, kindle, laptop - I use the wireless connection. This is the one you would need.

Health perspective --- I used to turn the router off. But then I did research on the net and it appears there is no conclusive evidence that wireless causes health problems. Not to say it couldn't ... just saying that there is no evidence. Also the other thing is everywhere there is radiation all around, so I don't know how much beneficial it is turning it off. But your call.

Hope this helps.

  iscanut 06:51 13 Sep 2013

Yes.. My desktop pics wired to my router but my laptop, two kindles and two I pads are used wirelessly by my wife and myself with no appreciable loss of speed.

  BT 08:01 13 Sep 2013

As other have said the answer is yes. We run our systems just like this. Main computer wired, laptops, tablets, Kindle, wireless. You can, by the way, manage your Kindle from your PC or laptop by downloading the PC version of the Kindle reader to your PC/Laptop and transferring to your Kindle via the supplied USB/charging lead.

  wee eddie 10:14 13 Sep 2013

My Main PC is at the limit of the Router's Wireless's range. I bought a couple of 'Pass Through' HomePlugs, so it is Hard Wired and the rest of the kit is wireless

  alanrwood 11:49 13 Sep 2013

Regarding health. The signal power emitted by WiFi is very low and has no health implications that I am aware of. Considering that people live next to transmitters of all kinds eg TV, Radio, power lines then the level ius =very small in comparison. Remember that people could light a light bulb near to the Ally Pally transmitter. Life always hasisks I suppose.

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