Can W2K Pro SP4 handle the latest technology?

  Bargee 18:01 09 Jun 2008


I have a PC running W2K Pro with SP4, but its not quite up to movie editing etc. I really need to upgrade to dual core processing with DDR11, SATA etc.

I'm not a gamer so don't need ultra high power, just the ability to capture video from camcorders etc in as high a quality as possible. I don't really want to have to upgrade the OS if I can avoid it.

Does anyone know how much new hardware technology W2K can operate without drop off in performance?

Also do I have to be extra careful to ensure W2K compatability with any hardware I purchase?


  Bargee 11:09 10 Jun 2008

Either I'm boring or the solution to my query is too obvious to everyone out there but me.

Forgive me I'm getting old, ho hum.

  interzone55 11:15 10 Jun 2008

I can't swear for DDR II, but Windows 2000 is multicore capable, I've got it running on a dual CPU, dual core server.

It can use SATA drives, but you'll need to load the drivers from a floppy before the OS will see the drive.

I think your main problem would be chipset drivers, most modern motherboards use chipsets that probably don't have Win2K drivers.

You'll need to check that every component you choose has a Win2k driver.

Considering the time & money you'll spend trying to get a new PC to run Win2k without a hitch I think you'll be better off buying a new PC with the OS already installed. Dell are still shipping PCs with Win XP Pro...

  Ditch999 11:26 10 Jun 2008

I used W2K for a long time (up to August 06) and it worked fine for video photographs etc (and even gaming!)
Re the drivers. You will find that most drivers for XP are the same as for W2K. All mine worked out as the same ie I did not have to download any new ones. There is not a great difference between 2K and XP, mostly cosmetic changes.

  Bargee 11:48 10 Jun 2008

My lack of responses seems more down to the time of the posting rather than the subject.

Thanks folks, thats all I need to know in order to make an informed choice.

As you say alan14, I will have to do a lot of research into the driver availability for every component. I'm reluctant to completely replace every component inside the case when all I really need is MB, CPU & RAM. Obviously I need to ensure that any new MB will take my graphics card, but as I won't be gaming my current card is adequate. I suppose I could always buy a used version of XP if pushed.

Ditch999, your response is very interesting & something that whilst I didn't realise, seems logical & could be worth considering by ensuring the hardware has XP drivers available.


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