SANAP 16:02 30 Oct 2003

I am using win98se and now got BB. I have this problem that is more noticeable when flicking from different sites in that some images will not open, eg on pcadviosr I can see the mag on left hand side but there is a blank screen on right hand side with 3 blue icons. I have clicked on these to see if I get OPEN PICTURE but I don't. The other examaple is MCAFEE speedtest in that I do not see the speedometer again only 3 little colours. I am even using a diffewrent browser to IE6 and still the same. What I have done to my settings unbeknown to myself?

I like my speedo and other images.

Help and hope I have explained it properly. I thought I had fixed this but apparently not.


  [DELETED] 16:08 30 Oct 2003

Try deleting your Temp Int folder.

  woodchip 16:18 30 Oct 2003

Check in IE\tools\options\advanced check what is ticked for images a Webb pages, Could also be a JAVE problem if you do not have a tick in it

  [DELETED] 16:39 30 Oct 2003

Allow the Internet Temp folder enough free space on the hard disc. You might also have a 'file size' limit on your download? Can you rember what you might have done, altered and or installed, since before it all stopped working?

  SANAP 13:22 31 Oct 2003

Thanks all for replies, tried everything and no joy, repaired IE, etc etc. I do have pop up stopper so maybe its stopping ads. As my PC is working quite well I am going to adopt if it ain't broke etc.

Now I wonder................


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