Can USB2 hardware be connected to Std USB port?

  Key Bored 17:29 25 Nov 2003

Can any a scanner with a USB2 interface connection be connected, and work ok, on a standard USB port. Most hardware specifications seem to specify USB2.

Thanks in anticipation. Key Bored.

  Djohn 17:39 25 Nov 2003

Yes, it will connect and work at the lower speed of USB1. USB1 is so fast to start with though, you will be hard pressed to notice the drop in speed in normal everyday work. j.

  Smiler 17:48 25 Nov 2003

As Djohn says a USB2 item will connect and work with USB1.
I have a USB2 scanner and I have attached it to a computer with USB2 after using it satisfactorily on a computer with USB1. I honestly haven't noticed any difference in speed of reading or transfering from the scanner between USB1 & USB2

  Trackrat 18:04 25 Nov 2003

Refer to this link click here

  Djohn 18:17 25 Nov 2003

As a little further info. to the above. USB 1.1 will transfer data at 12 MBPS and USB 2.0 at 412 MBPS [Approximate speed] So yes, there is a vast difference in the speed of transfer, but the hardware we are using at the moment, EG: scanners/Printers/cameras cannot reach anywhere near the speed of USB 1.1.

This will apply especially to scanners/printers whose actual performance will be governed by their own engines, and these are much slower than USB 1.1 I think I've grasped this correctly, but others will confirm or correct. Regards. j.

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