can u open up the lcd of a laptop?

  Spirit Of Nightmare 2004 15:24 10 Apr 2003

are there any user servicable parts in the lcd display and if i do open it up would it mck up the system totally?

  Pesala 15:30 10 Apr 2003

Is that why you call yourself Spirit of Nightmare?

  Spirit Of Nightmare 2004 15:33 10 Apr 2003

lol i just don't want to mess it up as it works fine on external at the moment

  BRYNIT 16:31 10 Apr 2003

No servicable parts in the lcd display. If you try to open it and don't know what you are doing as you say you will muck up the system totally.

  Sir Radfordin™ 16:34 10 Apr 2003

Had an engineer in to replace one the other day and it really was easy. He said he could remember the days when they used to solder breaks in the wires back togehter, now they just replace the screen.

Even if you do get it apart you are highly unlikely to be able to find or fix the fault.

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