Can u get Router Settings from connected Laptop?

  buel 18:24 18 Apr 2009

Hi, bit of a strange question: My housemate has Orange wireless broadband and lets me share it using my 2nd hand laptop, he has gone travelling and is uncontactable for a few weeks, yesterday i bought a new laptop but am unable to connect to the Livebox as the wep key is no longer on the side/underneath the livebox, the only way i can 'see' the wep key is on my old laptop's wireless settings but their appear as bullet points/asterixs in the settings. What i want to know is is there any way i can 'see' the wep key on my old laptop as proper letters+numbers so i can then input them into my new laptop?
Ps- i am using my Mother's laptop to post this! Grrr!

  beeuuem 18:42 18 Apr 2009
  buel 18:48 18 Apr 2009

Hi Beeuuem, that is a BRILLIANT link, the only potential problem is that it says it is for Xp when i foolishly neglected to say my old laptop has Vista??

  Stuartli 19:11 18 Apr 2009

As far as I'm aware, it's illegal to attempt to unencrypted passwords or similar information belonging to someone else.

  MAJ 19:23 18 Apr 2009

Assuming his router is still switched on, he might have turned it off when he went away, enter into your browser and click Go or Enter. You will be asked for a username and Password, assuming he hasn't changed either of those, enter admin for the username and admin for the password. If all goes well you should have access to the router's settings and the security key should be seen in there.

  beeuuem 19:33 18 Apr 2009

It does state that it is for XP/Vista.
I appreciate that that attempting to 'hack' an encryption key should not be encouraged. From the post it appears that the password has been freely given and is stored on the laptop of the person trying to retrieve the information.

  buel 19:34 18 Apr 2009

Thanks my friend MAJ, i will try that! I seem to remember that that works with an Orange Livebox. Yes he did leave it on too!
To Stuartli, read the post man, we share the router and we are in the same house!!!

  woodchip 20:57 18 Apr 2009

If you can get into the Router Setup Page, under Wireless there should be a button to show the key. This will change back when you exit the Setup Page

  buel 21:01 18 Apr 2009

You mean in the Router setup page for the router using the username and password of admin?

  woodchip 21:02 18 Apr 2009

To get at the Router you need to open a Browser then put the correct Address into the Browser Address Bar like but it may differ from the above then press enter, if it goes you will presented with a box to enter a password if it says admin just try typing admin as it may not have been changed

  Stuartli 21:36 18 Apr 2009

>>read the post man, we share the router and we are in the same house!!!>>

I read the post and understood it perfectly. It still doesn't alter the fact that you presumably don't know the WEP key because, as you state, "..he lets you share it" (i.e the use of his broadband service).

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