Can u forward email address after closing ISP

  Terry24 12:03 15 Apr 2005

I am with AOL and have my main email address with them.
I am closing my account with AOL. Can I then redirect my email to my new ISP email address.
Thank you

  Yoda Knight 12:08 15 Apr 2005

For a while you may still be able to access your old AOL account (and auto forward your mail if you want to), but eventualy they will close it down (including any forwarding you may have in place).

  happy dragon 14:00 15 Apr 2005

i changed isp from Bt to wanadoo i had the choice of keeping my email a being able to access it through OE for a small charge of £1.5op a month or switching to yahoo/BT basic mail but still allowing me to keep the same email address but having to log on to my email via yahoo login screen and not through outlook express
should think you will have a similar option with AOL...

  anchor 09:27 16 Apr 2005

I left "BT anytime" about 2 years ago; converting it to a PAYG account.

I have kept my BT e-mail address alive simply by logging on to my BT PAYG account once a month. Costs only 5p; much less than their £1.50/month. I download my messages normally in Outlook or OE.

Terry24: Sorry, I don`t know anything about AOL.

  happy dragon 21:27 16 Apr 2005

atm iam not paying anything to bt to use basic mail and they only wanted to charge me any payment if i wanted to use the email they provided whilst i was a anytime customer but even chosing the free option i kept my original email address

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