Can two modems be used on one ADSL line?

  LinH 18:16 09 Apr 2007

This has probably been asked before but here goes.

Can two modems be used on one ADSL line?

My modem/router has just died and although on the whole my LAN worked ok I never was very happy with the wireless aspect. It seemed more of a black art than a science and it also interfered with my video sender which broadcasts on the same wavelength. So I thought of getting a female RJ11 splitter with appropriate cabling and running my two pc's - one at a time- from my ADSL line via two modems.

Is it possible or not? Any comments would be appreciated and many thanks in advance.


  rodriguez 18:22 09 Apr 2007

I tried this with a BT router and a Sky router on my Sky Broadband connection and it didn't work. The one that connects first gets the ADSL signal, and the second one that gets plugged in doesn't pick up a signal - the DSL light doesn't even come on.

  kindly 18:25 09 Apr 2007

If you were not to happy with the set up when it was running, why not use the fact that it has died as an excuse to get some new gear. These days they are quite cheap to buy and ofcourse there is the security aspect of it beeing wireless.
The new ones will be on a different frequency as the video sender but you can alter the channels they work on anyway. Just think of the places you can move the computer to in the house by being wireless again.
Security is always a factor to think about. Hope I have helped.

  Daveboy 18:30 09 Apr 2007

Yes you can, but you need to physically disconnect the one you do not require, as the b/d signal can only be syncheonised to one modem/router at any one time.

  Batch 18:41 09 Apr 2007

If you are not happy using wireless, why not just use a router in wired mode for both PCs?

  LinH 19:06 09 Apr 2007

From the responses it would seem that it can be done but the end result would be less than satisfactory.

'Kindly', you are right, you can alter the video sender frequency. I tried it but the four bands are quite narrow and did it not make much of a difference to the reception.

And 'Batch', there is a reason for not wanting to use a wired router but I won't bore you with the details, suffice to say that it involves the cabling/LAN layout.

Cheers all.


  Strawballs 19:37 09 Apr 2007

Kindly was pointing out that you can alter the chnnels on modern wireles routers to get them away from your video sender not the other way round.

  LinH 20:12 09 Apr 2007

In that case I misunderstood it and apologise.

Not realising that modern wireless routers channels could be changed, I obviously thought 'Kindly' meant the video sender.


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