Can system restore get files back???

  Rhuddlan 11:17 25 Jul 2004

Hi I am looking after a friend's pc for her while she is on holiday and have accidentley deleted about 50 photos, she had in the my pics folder, I was told they where backed up on CD but they weren't, I think they where deleted about 2 days ago, so could System Restore possible brig them back, or is there a free program out there that could help me???

  bremner 11:20 25 Jul 2004

System restore returns system files to a set point in time. It does not restore files / folders etc.

So unfortunately this will not help.

There are some freebies out their that claim to be able to recover deleted files and folders. If it was only two days ago and you have not saved loads of other stuff since there will be a reasonable chance of success.

Will have a look and post back

  bremner 11:23 25 Jul 2004

click here was one of many hits I got Googling on 'Recover deleted files'

  Forum Editor 11:31 25 Jul 2004

because it's worth asking - you presumably emptied the recycle bin after deleting the images?

  Rhuddlan 11:33 25 Jul 2004

Yes I did, and thanks bremner for that link, just downloading the program now and will post back if I get anyway with it.

  Rhuddlan 11:35 25 Jul 2004

Well when I try to scan drive c it says it not accessiable, can't think why, I downloaded and installed the program in my docs and choose to download the pro version.

  Rhuddlan 12:11 25 Jul 2004

Well I have found various files and folders but no the photos that where deleted

  bremner 12:15 25 Jul 2004

Have you conducted a search across the whole drive just to be sure you haven't just moved them rather than deleted them?

  stalion 14:07 25 Jul 2004

try here click here

  Sapins 14:13 25 Jul 2004

Hi Rhuddlan, try this, click here
I recovered a whole hard drive with this free progamme.



  Rhuddlan 16:29 25 Jul 2004

Thanks for the help and links, I will try the program that Sapins gave me, and post back with hopefully good results, Regards, Rhuddlan.

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