Can Steganos work with Linux ?

  [email protected] 14:36 23 Mar 2008

I am looking for this possibility to enable me to use Steganos with Ubuntu. I have searched Winehq but without success. Any thoughts?

  DieSse 17:06 23 Mar 2008

If you're talking about Steganos AV software - you can't use the Windows version, even under Wine. Security software is too tightly bound to the OS to work correctly.

Look for Linux security software.If you search synaptic, you'll find Clam - this is possibly the best known AV for Linux - though there are others.

  [email protected] 14:12 24 Mar 2008

Thanks DieSse, I should have explained that I was referring to Steganos Safe 2008 which bars access to confidential files by anyone who does not know the password. It does not include AV functions.

  DieSse 17:09 24 Mar 2008

Whilst I'm not quite so certain, I would think the same is true, for similar reasons - the file system is quite different.

click here shows you how to use a command to protect individual files.

  LastChip 23:47 24 Mar 2008

I don't think you can run that specific software, but the Linux file structure allows you to set permissions to a "granular" level.

In other words, you could conceivably give only the "owner" of the file access permission. The only exception to that would be a user that has "root" (administrator) privilege's.

However, Linux has the ability to encrypt files that could be contained in a users directory and provided only that user has the password, would be completely inaccessible to anyone else, including root.

Of course, products such as "Safe 2008" are only available due to Windows being so insecure, particularly if anyone gets physical access to the machine; stolen for example.

  [email protected] 11:40 25 Mar 2008

Thanks LastChip. Can you recommend a source of simple instructions on how to use linux encryption in this way?

  LastChip 22:26 25 Mar 2008

for a reasonable introduction. click here

  [email protected] 13:52 28 Mar 2008

I am still considering this but thanks for your help

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