Can Spyware slow down a 1mb broadband

  Hamish 20:55 03 Dec 2004

Help Please. I have a desktop PC and also a laptop and over the past few days my web pages have been very slow to open also I tried to download a 5.65mb file and it took about 30 minutes giving download speed varying fron 3.6 to about 7 kbps. I have a2squared, norton antivirus, spyblaster, and adaware SE. I am on BTyahoo 1mb service and contacted them to be told than spyware would be slowing down the computers, both computers, and I find this rather strange and also have the same protectiion on both machines. It is both computers which are slow. Would spyware slow down both computers from a 1mb back to dialup speed , I have ran a speed test and it states there are problems with the UK server.
Can spyware slow down a 1mb service to dial up

  stalion 21:05 03 Dec 2004

very unlikely,run scans with a2 and spybot if all clear far more likely to be a server problem or the slowness of the site server you are downloading from

  Hamish 21:10 03 Dec 2004

Thanks. Could it be an exchange problem. It is affecting both my computers

  JoeC 21:12 03 Dec 2004
  ACOLYTE 21:14 03 Dec 2004

No way i would say that any spyware would use enough bandwith to slow a 1mb conection to the speeds you say,would go with server probs,but if you have a real bad, like 1 million spyware apps connecting at the same time then it mayway slow it down lol.

  Hamish 21:22 03 Dec 2004

I did not have spybot and I am down loading it now and it is taking ages. Surely if it was just the server others would be complaining about the poor service. As both my computers are both slow it sounds more local. Thanks for your help

  Hamish 21:30 03 Dec 2004


Where are you tonight. I think you work for BT. Can you help. You have in the past

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