Can someone xplain something for me

  Maryp 20:32 14 Apr 2005

My BF has got a 20gb ipod, with only about 10 mb used. I want to get one as well, but I'm not sure if my pc is up to it. In the control pannel, when I hover over Disc C it tells me I've got total size 18.6gb, but only 5.3gb free. So that tells me its not enough, is there anyway to make it bigger, big enough for 2 ipods? Would it need a new hard drive, I put a new one in a while back, the biggest my system would take, does that mean I just need a whole new computer?

  woodchip 20:38 14 Apr 2005

Sounds like you need one of those house cleaners in. I am in my funny mood tonight so Excuse me. But to be fair do you need all that stuff. Can you put any on CDR's

  Highland Guy 20:45 14 Apr 2005

Hi what kind of pc do you have is it a small form factor i.e shuttle, cube etc. or is it mini tower or midi tower?

I am asking the above to try and determine why you can only have 20gb hard disk, what os are you using?

If you can not go any bigger internally with hard disk you could go for an external one or make one up with an internal hard disk and an enclosure which is very easy, have done it myself took about half an hour.


  bluesbrother 21:19 14 Apr 2005

Don't know a thing about i-pods, but when you plug in a mp3 player your pc recognises it as a removable drive. The only reason for more space on your HD would be to store more mp3's.

  Maryp 21:34 14 Apr 2005

Its a mini tower, and about 4 years old, its just benn upgraded to xp pro, used to be 98se. You need to keep the songs on the pc as well as the ipod as they tend to crash and then you have to put it all back on again which takes ages. Highland guy, is there a tutorial somewhere how to "go for an external one or make one up with an internal hard disk and an enclosure which is very easy"?

  woodchip 21:59 14 Apr 2005

Internal Slave would be better for you as a Slave drive, as Your computer is old and may not support the USB2 format

  bluesbrother 22:01 14 Apr 2005

What about woodchip's idea? Store it all on CD's. Speaking from experience, its a very good idea to backup your music in case of HD failure.

  Maryp 09:01 15 Apr 2005

All my music is on cd's at the moment, but its putting on the up to 10,000 songs on each one that takes forever, so I'd like to avoid.
I've just put in a usb2 interface, so I might get, as suggested an external harddrive. But could someone explain about using an internal slave? I'm sure I've read about it somewhere, but cant find anything about it now. Would it be a cheaper option? An external HD cost about £100 from what I've seen. Thanks

  woodchip 10:20 15 Apr 2005

Easy jus get one that is the right size for your computer if it's a old one the you may be limited in what you can fit, unless you use free software so the size can be recognized by Windows. Set jumper ant back of drive to Slave and connect to middle plug that the main Hard drive is connected red wire toward power plug and fit power plug that's it as regards fitting it then needs to be partitioned and formatted. It will me miles faster than External Drive if you are only on a Old computer and Win98 or WinME as they only have USB1.1 you need USB2 for External drive and you would have problems fitting and using one in the Operating Systems above

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