Can someone tell me what silverlight is

  ponytail 08:10 28 Jul 2014

I was having a problem with my laptop and my son took a look at it and installed firefox.Yesterday I emailed a scanned copy of a receipt and then when I went into sent messages to check it it said activate silverlight and have not heard of silverlight before.I also seemed to have trouble getting rid of the message.Cn someone advise.Thanks

  Batch 08:18 28 Jul 2014

Silverlight is a bit like Flash and is from Microsoft. To my knowledge it has never really taken off and is little used.

More info here: 1">[click here

  Batch 08:19 28 Jul 2014

Here's the link again : Click Here

  john bunyan 08:20 28 Jul 2014

Here is the link:


Dr Google would have told you.

  Woolwell 09:59 28 Jul 2014

Ponytail never looks things up .

  northumbria61 11:11 28 Jul 2014

Silverlight is also used for SKY GO DESKTOP. It won't run without it so as Batch says, it must be something like Flash Player.

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