Can someone pls clarify Mass Emails vs Email Merge

  AroundAgain 15:05 12 May 2018

As the subject says, can someone please clarify what the difference is, if any, between 'mass email' vs personalised email merge, please? This is in respect of GDPR compliance

I am being told that doing an email merge is NOT the same as sending 'mass emails', using a list of contacts but I can't honestly say I can appreciate the difference. Obviously, I don't want to be non-compliant.

When I send such emails, I'm using Office 2010, so Outlook and email merge in Word, the source being contacts in Access

For various reasons, I'd rather not be getting back to the 'experts' at Head Office just now although I appreciate I possibly will have to eventually.

I'd really appreciate your thoughts. Many thanks for any help

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