Can someone please help: Wireless connection

  Chirag 23:14 20 May 2005

I just received my wireless router today, I connected the router to my computer via ethernet and i connected the router to my cable modem via ethernet also, I have installed the PCMIA card for my laptop also, the internet works fine on the main computer, the laptop recognises the connection but the internet doesn't work, it says Cannot find server, can someone please help? I tried putting the laptop through the ethernet connection also but it does not work either the internet just comes to Cannot Find Server. Help would be very much appreciated!

  mgmcc 09:38 21 May 2005

I assume that, as you have "cable" broadband, you are using a stand-alone wireless router and NOT a combined Router/ADSL Modem, and that you have connected its WAN port to the cable modem?

Ignoring the wireless side of things, if you are able to get one PC connected to the internet by connecting to the router with an ethernet cable, connecting the second one in exactly the same way should get you online with that too. Both should be set to get their IP address automatically, which they do by DHCP from the router, so there is really nothing to configure in the PC.

If you were trying to use a combined Router/Modem, intended for use with ADSL via the phoneline, and connecting to the cable modem from one of its LAN ports, the router would be acting as a basic network switch and only the first PC to connect would get the IP address allocated by the ISP - the second PC couldn't get online.

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