Can someone please explain H1 tags and H2 tags

  erkmatrix 16:15 01 Jun 2005

What are H1 and H2 tags and can someone please explain what I need to do exactly with them for the search engines.

Also do you put keywords and description meta tags on every page and if so should they be different from your index page?

  erkmatrix 09:58 03 Jun 2005

john can you post your site url so I could just see how this h tags work in source or if you have another example.

I've spent ages doing all keywords and meta tags typical lol

  d d d 16:27 03 Jun 2005

if forum members site is no1 out of 77,800 then im the pope

  d d d 21:53 03 Jun 2005

i wasnt rude anyway one thing your site is nice and all but i have seen you rip to pieces much nicer and more professional looking sites then yours anyway lol ill be sure to let my dog poop on the bowl fields of chrinshaw next time im popping thru.

  PurplePenny 00:02 04 Jun 2005

Why didn't you try it before opening your mouth?

Go on, try it: you will find that John's site is indeed 1st.

Oh well, never let the facts get in the way of a good grudge.

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