Can someone help with my homework

  helpmeagain 19:42 13 Aug 2005

I seem to be stuck on my homework (Network + Cert)and wonder if anyone can help.

Q. What does every NOS require that users provide?

is it Authentication or a password or a username or a host name.

I think it is a password but i want to check

any ides's

  helpmeagain 20:40 13 Aug 2005

Storage area networks (SANs) are best suited to small or medium sized busniesses.

is that true or false

  Taff36 20:58 13 Aug 2005

Have a click here (I don`t know the answer but I`m pretty sure it`s here.) Interesting - I might read it myself!

  helpmeagain 21:08 13 Aug 2005

answers to the homework have been found

SANs is false but still stuck on q1

  Taff36 21:11 13 Aug 2005

What is NOS?

  helpmeagain 21:15 13 Aug 2005


  Forum Editor 01:52 14 Aug 2005

is slightly ambiguous

Some Network operating systems require both usernamer and password combinations before they'll authenticate a user.

All of them require a password however, so the answer is as you suspected ........password.

  helpmeagain 18:32 14 Aug 2005

I have sent in my exam papers (which consisteded of 20 mulitly question and 6 essays)

for question 1 i put authenication, because i thought password might be too easier an answer

i hope i get a good mark

i will let you know the results as soon as i get them back

thank you for your help

  selfbuild 22:49 14 Aug 2005

Authenication happens after the user has entered the password..... not before.....

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