Can someone explain the registry+possible probs?

  buel 20:48 17 Dec 2009

I have had another thread running regarding registry cleaners and how problems can arise with 'aggresive' registry cleaners. What i dont understand is how registry cleaners work and what can go wrong? Please can anyone enlighten me?

Ps- i have researched what the registry is and have a vague idea but, unfortunately, not how the cleaners works and, more importantly, how aggresive cleaners can be bad news!!

  Sea Urchin 21:16 17 Dec 2009

Read this - it will tell you what you want to know.

click here

And why not try using Google - in this case there are many sites on the Net which explain just what you asked.

  buel 22:45 17 Dec 2009

Thanks sea urchin, my fault, i appreciate it!!!

  gazzaho 11:57 18 Dec 2009

In my opinion you should only use a registry cleaner if you really need to, I never use one for general house keeping it simply isn't worth the risk of destabilising the system. You can use a cleaner then find a month or so later that a rarely used program no longer works properly when you start it and wonder why it's misbehaving, chances are the cleaner has removed a registry entry that the program needs.

If you're constantly installing/uninstalling software for evaluation purposes then using one would perhaps be worth the risk, though if I was installing/uninstalling software for those purposes I would use a program like Revo uninstaller to remove errant registry entries along with the program thereby keeping errant registry entries to a minimum.

If I had to use one it would be the one built into CCleaner, and only as it's never caused me any problems in the past but it is pretty non aggressive compared to most.

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