can someone explain graphics cards for me.

  jcks007 19:05 15 Aug 2008

I currently have an ati radeon x600 256mb pci (apparently) which isn't very good and it is old. so i would like to get a new one. as it is pci it looks fairly straight foreward, just pull it out and put the new on in but am i being naive about this?
do i need to upgrade anbything else before i change the graphic card?

System is a fujitsu scaleo
running xp
400gb hd
1042 ram
anyhting else you need let me know and i'll find it.

I jsut don't know what to look for for exmaple i have seen an n-vida 8500gt express .pci graphics card ddr2 dvi for £28.00. Now in my mind i see it says 1gb instead of my current 256 mb. so it's better isn't it? can i just get that and throw it in there? or am i supposed to get a specific type? could someone help please?

  wee eddie 19:46 15 Aug 2008

What you have should be adequate for most everyday use but not the last 2 years Games.

Unless you wish to start using Image Intensive Software of some kind, why waste money.

  jcks007 22:42 15 Aug 2008

it's mainly so i can play some games that have come out in the last 2 years.

  dermot-titus 23:03 15 Aug 2008

First you have to determine if you are using an AGP or PCI-e graphics slot on your compter. The ati radeon x600 256mb pci tends to say it's a PCI-e, but check.

Just because a vidoe card says it has more memory, it does not mean it will play games faster ( frame rate ). It just means that you can get a better screen resolution. You need a better quality card.

  jcks007 23:09 15 Aug 2008

so what is it you look for when buying a graphics card?

(it is pci, i just checked)

  jcks007 23:10 15 Aug 2008

mainly for playing games...medieval total war will play on my system, but it slows down and detail isn't very good for example.

  dermot-titus 23:16 15 Aug 2008

This might be better answered in the games room click here
I could give you a list of expensive cards but these gamers will tell you what would be best for your system.

Mention all your system specs,PCI-e card, the games you want to play and your limited budget. See if they can come up with the right card for you.

  wee eddie 17:00 16 Aug 2008

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