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Can someone advise me about viewing photos on a dv

  Anon-185790 19:41 03 Nov 2019

Hi i have burned some photos onto a dvd-R disc using Ashampoo, then I tried to view them on my dad's DVD player. It starts off as loading, then comes up with the a yellow bar across saying Root showing a black folder. When we try to view the photo's a message come up saying data error (photo). This is frustrating because the photo's show, but won't play. I never had this problem while using Google Picassa. can someone explain clearly what i could be doing wrong please?

Tried both discs even after finalizing (on Ashampoo) on my dads DVD player, still says photo error. i tried another disc which I had ran through google Picasso through Ashampoo and that worked fine. I can't use Piccassa anymore as that doesn't exist, is there a similar programme to picassa I could use before running through Ashampoo. This is really frustrating me as i want to be able to play my photo's on a TV, just just my PC.

My dads DVD player is a DVP-SRZ60H

  Anon-319210 21:27 03 Nov 2019

what type of photo file? jpg?

what type of file will the DVD player show? what type of discs are compatible with the player -r +r?

try running a disc cleaner through the player a lot of players don't like the old CD-r discs

  Anon-281249 21:43 03 Nov 2019

Many older CD and DVD Players require the Disk to be "Finalised" (Closed) before they will play them

  Anon-2445101 07:17 04 Nov 2019

I believe that the free versions of Ashampoo Burning Studios don't have the ability to create a slide show of photos.

  Anon-2432433 07:18 04 Nov 2019

Can't help with the DVD problem but if the TV has a USB connection you should have instructions in the TV manual on how to view photos/videos from USB. Note: you may need to format the USB to fat32 before copying the photos to USB when view on older TV's.

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