can some one tell me how to make a script ?!

  ahmedhamo 23:17 03 Jan 2017

Hey Guys i want to know how to make a smart script that work in my browser and download from a site more then one more time... i mean after a 1 download the script close the browser and restart it and go again to the same site and download the same file ?!

  Forum Editor 07:11 04 Jan 2017

Why do you need a script for that - can't you simply close the browser yourself, and go to the site again?

  lotvic 12:54 04 Jan 2017

Can't see a reason to download the same file again. If wanting another copy of it, far easier and quicker to rightclick on the first downloaded file and choose 'Copy' and then paste it to wherever wanted.

If you are wanting to learn how to write batch script files, a quick internet search will bring up lots of free tutorial sites like this one they are fun to do:)

  ahmedhamo 13:25 04 Jan 2017

no guys its kind of spaming i need this

  Forum Editor 13:31 04 Jan 2017

"its kind of spaming"

What do you mean?

  ahmedhamo 14:00 04 Jan 2017

i mean the script is for kind of earing from downloading files so i i found something like this it will help me alot

  lotvic 18:44 04 Jan 2017

Whoa... Do you mean you've got files uploaded and you earn money everytime someone downloads one of your files?

  ahmedhamo 17:07 06 Jan 2017

@lotvic Yes That what im saying

  wee eddie 19:03 06 Jan 2017

And you want to create a Script, that automatically downloads these files, so that you make more money

  ahmedhamo 22:06 06 Jan 2017

yeh that i want to

  Forum Editor 01:03 07 Jan 2017

Enough of this, I think.

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