Can a Smart TV cause router to disconnect?

  john bunyan 18:46 20 Jul 2014

I have a LG Smart TV, W7 and a DGND Netgear 4000 Router, with ISP Talk Talk. The TV was useless on wireless speeds in same location as iPad (9 mbps on iPad, 0.8 on TV). I connected the TV via a pair of Homeplugs and all seemed well. Coincidentally I have recently experienced fairly frequent disconnects on my router. A phone call to Talk Talk was useless (the usual routine of trying the test socket etc.) - but their line test revealed no issues. On a Google search I saw that some found this issue due, somehow, to the TV.I have now disconnected the Homeplugs (will reconnect if I want to watch catch up) and since then have had no disconnections. I wonder if this is chance , or has anyone else observed this phenomenon?

  john bunyan 09:47 21 Jul 2014

I assume this is an isolated case so will green tick it.

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