Can See but Not Access Shared Folders

  dregn 17:44 24 Mar 2006

I have two PCs connected to a Router ( Draytek Vigor 2600G ) one via ethernet cable and the second has a wireless connection via a Linksys USB adaptor. Both have broadband internet access without any problems.
I have attempted to setup file sharing between them and each can see the shared files on the other PC but are not able to open the folders.
The system often 'freezes' for a while ( Win XP Pro ) and eventually the usual 'access denied' message shows.
I have gone through the share procedures on both computers time and time again but am no nearer a solution.
I am beginning to suspect that I need to adjust a setting on the Vigor Router but the help files are non existent and I am in the dark !
Advice much appreciated.

  ade.h 18:02 24 Mar 2006

Tell me the following, if you can:

1) Where do your shared folders reside; ie, what level are they at and are they part of a user account that has privacy enabled?

2) Are you using simple file sharing or complex?

3) How are your firewalls set up? Have you created the permissions that are required for local area communications in and out?

  dregn 18:18 24 Mar 2006

ade.h, thanks for that. I will be going out shortly but I'll check tomorrow and come back here.
Many thanks for your prompt response.

  dregn 15:38 25 Mar 2006

1.The shared folders are one down from the root and display the 'shared' icon . Privacy is not enabled.

2. I am using simple file sharing.

3. The WinXP firewall is set up to allow exceptions and 'file and printer sharing ' is ticked. Permissions are 'anybody'.

It occurs to me that there may be a conflict with a further firewall which runs as part of System Suite Pro6 which I have installed. Either that or there is a setting on the Draytek Vigor router which I have not configured correctly.
I am still working at it !


  ade.h 16:37 25 Mar 2006

RE: a second firewall. if you have a second firewall running, disable it right away. You should never have more than one software firewall running on a PC at any one time.

As for your other settings, they sound okay. The only difference is that I have simple file sharing disabled as both my PCs have XP Pro. It doesn't mean that simple file sharing is all that bad, just personal preference really.

One more thing to to try: grab your ethernet cable and connect both PCs directly in an ad-hoc network, which only takes a few minutes to sort with the Network Setup Wizard (If it asks about Internet Connection Sharing, just say no for this purpose). It won't do any harm to your existing network and will allow you to try file sharing without the router involved. Helps to eliminate possible causes.

If I think of anything else, I'll let you know.

  dregn 06:25 26 Mar 2006

Thanks for your suggestions and I have disabled the second firewall. ( Incidentally, why should there be only one firewall operating ? More is better ? )
The second PC (with the wireless connection) is now able to access the shared folders on the ethernet-connected PC but not vice-versa.The access denied message comes up each time.I have rechecked all settings but have found nothing amiss.Both PCs have been rebooted several times.

Your suggestion re setting up an ad hoc network is not practicable, unfortunately, as they are some way apart in the house.
Many thanks, I am continuing to troubleshoot.


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