Can receive, cannot send email?

  edenworkshops 12:46 21 Dec 2008


In the last couple of days I have developed a problem with my email.

Right now I can receive mail but not send it.

My wife and I share a router, she has no problem with her email, we share the same email providor

I have checked and re checked the settings in the email account, but still cannot send mail.

I also set up an email account on my wifes PC and I can both send and receive mail?

So what ever the problem is seems to be limited to my PC...even wierder.

Any help appreciated

Merry Christmas


  ened 13:07 21 Dec 2008

What is your isp?

  edenworkshops 13:37 21 Dec 2008


My ISP is alicebox


  Graham. 13:44 21 Dec 2008

Have a look in Outbox and Sent Items folders. How do you know the emails are not being sent?

  ened 13:58 21 Dec 2008

The reason I asked is that occasionally we have problems with mail and our isp (AOL) say that they will not be responsible for software other than their own (including Outlook & Outlook Express).

I have to check on line to make sure the mail has gone and yet, like you, my wife, who has a lower spec machine than mine has no problem.

So it could be to do with your isp.

In our case, even though the AOL people claim nothing is amiss,things tend to come right by the next day or two.

  edenworkshops 14:48 22 Dec 2008

Hello Graham

I know my mails are not being sent because they remain in the outbox, nothing inn the sent items at all.

Ened: I know what you meann about ISP's being the problem, but in this case my wife is having no problems at all, we are networked and use the same router and ISP.

Also now I am having real problems on the net, sites time out or remain loading for long periods of time.

The fault seems to lie with my PC.

Any suggestions?

Thank you for your responses.


  Graham. 14:52 22 Dec 2008

An easy first option would be System Restore.

  postie24 14:56 22 Dec 2008

You could try erasing the account and make a new one.
Also have you tried compacting the folders?

  postie24 15:08 22 Dec 2008

Could also be a firewall problem.Disable it for 2 secs and try sending one.Dont forget to turn it back on.

  edenworkshops 15:13 22 Dec 2008

Thank you for your replies.

Graham: I am running winn 2000 so sytem restore is not an option.

Postie24: I have erased the account and made a new one several times, annd I have also compacted the files.

I have the free version of AVG anti virus, not sure if it has a firewall built into it. The problem has only manifested itself during the last few days, before that everything was fine.

It has to be a problem with my PC, but what is it?

Thanks for your help


  ened 15:21 22 Dec 2008

Have you tried deleting all temporary Internet files and cookies?

I don't know much about win2000 but is there a facility for scanning the main system files?

In XP & Vista this is scf/ scannow.

Also try a completely new internet connection/account. Not just an email a/c.

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