Can a previous owner's name be fully removed?

  Eoghan 23:27 25 Apr 2007

I successfully changed – with the help of this forum – the registered name of the previous owner of my computer, also his user profile. However, his name still appears as the title for one of the three folders in C:\Documents and Settings, alongside the two folders: “Administrator” and “All Users”. Is it possible to substitute my own name? When I try to rename the folder in the normal way, the following text appears: “This is a Windows system folder and is required for Windows to run properly. It cannot be moved or changed”. Can anyone help please? I am using Windows XP Professional SP2. Thanks!

  Taff™ 23:55 25 Apr 2007

Here`s one way to get rid of the minor irritation. Go to User Accounts and name a new one of your own. (You can`t have it the same name as your current - so rename that one first if necessary) Log Off and log back in with your new User Account. Log off and reboot.

Log in under the "old" account. Then go to Control Panel>Files & Transfer Wizard and save the file to your hard disc in c:\Transfer. Reboot and log in as your new user account, run the file and settings transfer wizard again "importing" the file from c:\transfer. You have now created an identical account. Once you are sure that everything runs as it did before, say a week or so, go to user accounts and delete the original account. (Take the option to delete files) Then delete the folder c:\transfer.

The default name you wan`t to remove is only there because it is the only user account on the computer other than administrator and all users. (Plus possibly guest account) By default XP needs at least one named account.

  Eoghan 02:35 26 Apr 2007


Many thanks for your help. I did as you suggested - and with only two minor hitches, at least one of which was my own fault - everything now seems to be absolutely perfect. Firstly, I renamed my old account and then created a new one with the same name. I think I should have rebooted before creating the new one but I didn't. The result is that after completing the transfer my user name is now Eoghan_2 instead of just Eoghan, but this doesn't matter and I can alway change it by repeating the process if I so wish. Secondly, I had some small difficulty locating Files and Transfer Wizard - it was in System Tools and not Control Panel - but I clicked on Search and then found it easily. I'll give it about a week before declaring my problem resolved, but as of now I am very pleased and I don't expect any further hitches. Again, thank you very much for your help!

  Eoghan 19:03 26 Apr 2007


I have done as you suggested - and with no ill effects to my computer! I was surprised to find the previous owner's name still resting in many different entries hidden in the registry. As a matter of interest, would this editing of the registry have been a sufficient and safe measure if it had been done first instead of the - I think - more intricate method that I used. Thanks!


  Taff™ 09:40 27 Apr 2007

I couldn`t find the tools when you first posted - this script does it automatically click here

  Eoghan 23:02 02 May 2007

Everything continues working normally, so my problem is fully now resolved. While I have downloaded RegScrubXP as recommended by bluto1, I didn't need to use it but I am retaining it for possible future use. Thank you everyone for your help.


  woodchip 23:24 02 May 2007

In run box type Regedit click enter then go to Edit in Menu\Find type the old user name press enter and delete the user name press F3 to go to next entry do this until you get to the end then close Regedit

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