can pc world perform technical repairs?

  Bailey08787 18:33 24 Sep 2003

i ask as i'm trying to get my faulty hard-drive repaired. A local computer shop quoted me £155 + VAT to fix it.

I was wondering whether pc world are capable of fixing dodgy drives and keeping the data intact.

I don't think my drive has a mechanical fault - it's just inaccessible after a whole load of irql_not_equal_or_less malarkey.


  Bailey08787 18:43 24 Sep 2003

i'm just wary of pc world / a local computer shop just administering the type of repairs on the drive that I could do myself. (ie, putting in a winXP disc, and trying the repair function, or going into dos and setting a new master boot record etc.)

I'm hoping that they are specialists, in the possession of specialist data recovery software/tools etc.

  spuds 18:57 24 Sep 2003

Data recovery is a different ball game. Depends on how far you H/D is in-accesable.I would not think that PCW would have the specialised kit.Their diagnostic software is just basic tweaking stuff.

If it was a straight forward remove and re-install H/D setup, then PCW would have no problems there. With regards to price, they would charge you 'brown box' H/D price plus £25.00 fitting charge.I have recently had a 120gb Maxtor fitted, which included re-installing o/s, and I was charged £96.00 by my local computer shop.

  Bailey08787 19:07 24 Sep 2003

well, i have no idea how inaccessible it is - what happened was that I received the blue screen of death (irql_not_less_or_equal, etc), and was unable to restore my drive to a point before this - so every time i booted, all i would get was the blue screen.

I later went out and bought a new drive, which my system is currently running from - I tried setting up the old drive as a slave, but despite MyComputer detecting it, I was unable to assign it a drive letter.

I've tried all the XP repair tools, and I gave getting it going again a real good try (after lots of helproom threads a while back) - but to no avail.

Now I just want to give it to someone who can either resurrect my drive, or copy the data off it for me. I have about 65gb of data on it.

I don't wanna pay hundreds of pounds though.

  Bailey08787 13:14 25 Sep 2003

P4 1.8ghz, WinXP Pro, Intel D850MD motherboard, 768mb RDRAM.

Old (inaccessible drive) - 80gb Seagate Barracuda IV

Current drive - 80gb Maxtor Diamond Plus9

My bios is all set-up to detect and recognise a second drive.

I have tried going into my disk management to assign the drive a letter, but the options i need are greyed out.


  graham√ 13:52 25 Sep 2003

You could try taking the old drive out of the mount, leaving it connected. Hold it whilst booting up, you should feel it vibrate as it spins up.

  Bailey08787 12:17 26 Sep 2003

thanks for the technical advice people, but I really did spend a long time doing a lot of research and investigation into my inaccesible hard drive (ie, posting threads, scouring the microsoft knowledge base, attempting umpteen fix efforts - all to no avail).

I have now given up - and therefore am looking to just hand it over to someone who knows what they're doing.

so back to the original thread - I was in a pc world store the other day, but didn't get the chance to speak to anybody as they were pretty busy (and I was also wary of them treating me like some fool, getting me to hand over my hardware, and then charge for 40 pounds for running scandisk or something). So I thought I would come to the Forum for some independent advice.

So has anyone ever taken in a faulty drive to pc world (that required more than a defrag or scandisk), and had it successfully repaired?

I'm also curious, does anybody know of the procedures pcworld or a computer shop would apply? Would they use some wizzy software not available on the highstreet to get the drive back to life, or at least retrieve data?

I've asked several computer shops to go into the procedure, fearing that I may just be paying them to carry out the same kind of things I have been doing - and getting charged for it. - but all have been reluctant to let on.


  Bailey08787 16:53 26 Sep 2003

the drive is a few years old. It's a seagate. I've ran seagate tools on it (their diskwizard type thing) and it says its got some faults on it - but every manufacturers wizard i've ever run on drives has said this.


the drive was working fine - but then this whole irql_not_less_or_equal crap cropped up - and i didn't have any restore points I could revert the drive to.

despite buying a new hard drive, and doing a fresh install of XP, (without the old drive attached), I still get the irql_not_less_or_equal blue screen every 3 days or so - i just revert the drive an hour or so usually (the reason i didnt have any revert points for the previous drive was that i had just done a defrag).

I don't think this irql_not_less_or_equal software conflict would do any harm to the data or drive - so i think it would be a bit of a coincidence if the drive was actually damaged or faulty - i'm thinking at the moment that it is just inaccessible - but i guess thats just guesswork.

  Bailey08787 10:37 01 Oct 2003


STOP: 0x0000000A (0x00000166, 0x000000002, 0x00000000, 0x804ECF8E)


  Bailey08787 21:07 08 Oct 2003

thanks for all the posts.

i'll try to answer your queries.

I did try to address the problem in the helproom a while ago - if you search for posts by me they will no doubt be there.

i still get the message (got it tonight) - sometimes i can just reset and all is fine - other times I use GoBack.

At the moment I only have the new drive hooked up - so yes I concur, its nothing to do with the last hard-drive. When I posted this thread in consumerwatch it was because my main concern was with accessing the data on my old hard-drive again - feeling resigned to the fact that everything I've tried (and even with a fresh install on a fresh hard-drive), I still get the blue screen.

The cause?? who knows.

The first time I ever got it was when I downloaded and installed click here casino software. So I sent off a load of emails to their support, and they had never heard of the conflict. But I naturally assumed it was that that had messed up my pc, and prevented me from even getting as far as my desktop.

So, my masterplan was, buy a new-drive, do a fresh install of XP Pro, use this drive to boot, and set up old drive as a slave, and all would be dandy. But unfortunately I can't get to the old drive. It's recognised in bios as the slave - all is set-up to detect it - but it doesn't appear in My Computer.

I went to the bit where you can assign the drive a letter, but this was greyed out. Anyway, this was all many months ago now, so its hard for me to remember the specifics.

It was a full fresh installation of XP Pro on a new hard-drive. I have a P4 1.8ghz, 768mb rdram, geforce 4 Ti4400 leadtek graphics card, audigy 2, um - thats about it.

  Bailey08787 21:10 08 Oct 2003

- the blue screen irql_not_less_or_equal screen is now occurring fairly regularly on this new drive, and I haven't installed the casino software - so i've ruled that out.

I had my suspicions of Roxio GoBack causing some conflict, but it was installed (as part of Nortin 2003) for a long time on the old drive before any of this occurred.

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