can a pc virus wreck my digital camera?

  spoilt victorian child 12:33 13 Jul 2005

Just about to take my camera back to Dixons this lunchtime as it refuses to switch on. It has broken following a link up to my laptop which is currently riddled with adware.
I am assuming that i will get awful customer service in Dixons (if they see me at all!) so question: is there a danger in connecting a digital camera to a virus infected computer?

  timeteam2004 12:59 13 Jul 2005

Firstly, I believe there is a possibility of a virus affecting a camera - albeit very, very unlikely. Any item that uses software or flash based firmware is potentially vulnerable to a virus - there are, for instance, growing concerns regarding viruses that can infect cellphones and PDA's. Although, it seems unlikely that someone would bother to design a virus to attack a camera, I would say that it is not out of the question.

Also, I'm not sure that infecting your memory card would require you to knowingly copy the virus over. Many viruses replicate themselves to any 'drive' connected to the infected PC, and this would likely include virtual drives such as CF-Cards. Again this might be unlikely, but it is yet another strong argument for having an regularly updated virus scanner on all your PCs and/or Macs.

  timeteam2004 13:00 13 Jul 2005

click here

This is the link that the above came from. Somehow the link did not show in the previous reply.

  De Marcus 13:06 13 Jul 2005

I think it's higly unlikely your camera is damaged due to a virus, the possibility of one being on your flash card isn't so unlikely. The possibility of the any virus on your card affecting the camera in any way is massively unlikely, the camera is most likely faulty, take it back to dixons and exchange it, but not before checking your batteries are either new or fully charged.

  Pooke 13:08 13 Jul 2005

It can't affect your camera. When it refuses to switch on, nothing happens? right? It's sounds more like a power issue to me but.......

Did you try to upgrade the firmware at all?


  spoilt victorian child 14:03 13 Jul 2005

Thanks, Dixons were not able to fix it, but they have given me a product helpline to call...

Think its actually a power issue as Pooke said

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