Can a PC replace a HIFI

  murgle 18:25 22 Dec 2005

My Hifi is old and I'm thinking of building my own multi media center. I really like the idea of replacing my HIFI with the Multi media centre. Can anyone please point me in the right direction with a sound card etc.

Also, has anyone done this and what do you think?

Many thanks.

  007al 18:35 22 Dec 2005

A media centre can make a good hifi,i think.
what do you want to spend on the system,and what sort of money are you looking to spend on sound card?

  PaulB2005 18:37 22 Dec 2005

You might want to read this first - click here

  murgle 18:41 22 Dec 2005

I love my music so there is no budget. My old HIFI cost approx £2,500 without speakers. I like the idea of just one box for everything.


  007al 18:50 22 Dec 2005

i wouldnt use windows medis centre,as its a bit picky on what hardware you use.
for graphics,go for this click here
for sound,this click here ...or if you feelin really flush click here
dont know what cpu you or amd?

  007al 18:52 22 Dec 2005

The second sound could sell them on and make some money back! lol

  ade.h 18:57 22 Dec 2005

If you are prepared for some drop in sound quality, then yes. For very good quality, full-size speakers are essential of course, and that means having an amplifier. The lack of an amp in PCs means using multimedia speakers, because they have their own amp. The best of these that I have ever heard are Accoustic Energy Aego 2s which I think may still be available. Mine sound very good; a lot better than most PC speakers but not as good as a nice set of hifi speakers.

  Curio 19:20 22 Dec 2005

HiFi for HiFi - PC Sound for Audio. You will be disappointed in PC Sound reproduction if you currently have quality HiFi units.

  JYPX 19:28 22 Dec 2005

murgle - Don't do it. Music on your pc is great but (to me) is not HiFi. I am aware that some of the better sound cards are rather special but I still think we are talking chalk and cheese. And when I hear quite sensible people talk about linking up their i-pods to a wireless multi room system I feel almost tearful. Who would want to listen to music - in their own home - at 192 kbs when they have the original cd at 1440 kbs gathering dust on a shelf????? HiFi is a couple of British made boxes (Meridian is my favourite) playing through a pair of probably british made speakers that your ears like.

  dmc727 19:40 22 Dec 2005

Get rid of your hifi for the PC? Shame on you murgle.

I am no PC expert by any means, but like decent PC music. From experience use good sound card, amp, speakers and music format.

However, in my opinion it doesn’t beat a well put together hifi system. How else would I play vinyl on my Rega 3 turntable?

  Stuartli 19:43 22 Dec 2005

In a word.


But it can be made to sound reasonably satisfying, although still not anywhere near what even my 26-year-old (Japanese built example) NAD 7030 tuner amplifier is capable...:-)

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