can a pc crash in bios

  [DELETED] 15:13 13 Oct 2003

hello i had problems with my pc freezing so i did a reformat and reinstalled xp pro.while i was at the reinstall part it froze,i retried several times but still the same.i thought it was the hard drive so i tried another,that was the same,so it could be my xp disc or a problem in bios.any suggestions.

  LastChip 15:42 13 Oct 2003

To tell a little story. I was forever getting crashes and freezes on one of my computers, always blaiming the operating system, the CPU (Athlon) or the applcation that was running at the time!

Anyway, I got so aggrivated with this, that one day, I decided I didn't care if the machine blew itself to bits, I would flash the BIOS to the latest spec and see what happened.

Bliss ever since!! No crashes; No freezes; a perfectly stable machine that will run for weeks without a hitch.

However. This comes with a SERIOUS HEALTH WARNING! Get this procedure wrong, and you could be left with a usless machine! The selection and checking of the BIOS update, needs checking and double checking and then check again for good measure. One wrong step, and your unlikely to get a second chance.

  [DELETED] 16:03 13 Oct 2003

before flashing ya bios, check that all cards and memory are seated properly and all fans are working correctly.

ya pc can shut down or freeze if the temps of the cpu is to hot as a safety measure.

would all suggest, if ya pc is dusty inside to clean it out and to clean all fans ( take out of pc and give a good wash in ya washing up bowl and leave to dry or use a hair dryer on low heat ).

also have you upgraded or added any new components to ya pc, as this can also freeze/crash a pc if the psu dont give enough power to run everything.

after checking everything and it still dont work and ya want to flash ya bios to see if that fixes things and ya not to sure on what to do, start a new thread with the make of ya motherboard and close this one.

good luck

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