Can only write at 4x instead of 8x on current disc

  whymeagain 21:23 06 Dec 2004

Anyone any ideas on the above message?
I am using 8x discs...

  Totally-braindead 21:29 06 Dec 2004

Just because the disk says its 8x does not mean that it will write at 8x. It could be the DVD writer doesn't like the brand of disks or perhaps the burning program doesn't. All disks are not the same. My mates DVD writer likes the cheaper disks and doesn't seem to like some of the more expensive brands. The only suggestions I have for you is try various brands or have a look on the DVD writer manufacturers website and see if they recommend a particular make of disk.

  Lead 21:44 06 Dec 2004

Sometimes a firmware upgrade for your DVD burner can resolve matters like this. (If there is one available, that is.)

  whymeagain 22:08 06 Dec 2004

Totally-braindead:could be the writer doesn't like the disc,will have a look at manufacturers site and maybe get another disc to try..

Lead: firmware upgrade might help as you say,but as far as I'm aware you cannot return to original firmware if the upgrade is not a success.

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