Can only type numbers - not letters

  kawak 22:09 02 Mar 2010

On some websites (e.g) ebay & hsbc, where it asks for my user i.d. It will not let me type any leters,only numbers!!!

Anyone with a solution please?!


  northumbria61 22:13 02 Mar 2010

Press the NUMBER LOCK to restore

  kawak 22:18 02 Mar 2010

The number lock key is not activated. It just won't let my type any letters at all.

  northumbria61 22:22 02 Mar 2010

Laptop ?

  kawak 22:25 02 Mar 2010

yes, Sony vaio. Has been fine until yesterday. I can type on most websites (including this one) but the 2 I mentioned previously, I can't type the lettes in my user ID!

  kawak 22:27 02 Mar 2010

Also - when i log in on wife's profile it seems fine so must be something to do with my settings?

  northumbria61 22:30 02 Mar 2010

If laptop press "fn" key and "Scroll Key" (sometimes f12 on laptop) simultaneously.

  MAJ 22:42 02 Mar 2010

Operating system?

  kawak 22:43 02 Mar 2010

Is that the Scr Lk buton? If so it's still the same!

  MAJ 22:45 02 Mar 2010

Operating system?

  kawak 22:45 02 Mar 2010

The operating system is Windows Vista & Windows Internet explorer. Tried Firefox - same problem.

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