Can only play some CD's ! !

  Derek 11:20 13 Aug 2004

My second attempt at sorting this peculiar CD playing problem, please can you help again ?
Built a new PC with a Rock K7VT2 Mobo, 128 Mb, Win ME, 40GbHD, CD ROM, Scanner, Printer plus software - Word 2000, Norton Sys Works and P'Shop Pro. The CD Rom loads programmes perfectly and everything works just fine except that the CD only plays some audio CD's.

An example...a 'homemade' CD made by me from a vynil or tape player using appropriate software plays perfectly but a bought CD will not.

I load a bought CD and up comes the Windows Media Player saying that it can't recognised the format..try analogue etc. I've done every thing I know but cannot get bought CD's to play.

I Explore the two types of CD and this is what I get....

HOMEMADE CD - "Name" Ok. "Size" Normal and Big.
"Type" Wave Sound.
BOUGHT CD - "Name" Track 1(to 10) "Size" 1KB.
"Type" CD Audio Track

I cannot understand why this PC can't read the 'bought' CD's correctly because obviously they must have more than a single Kb in size.

Wits End Approaches Been on it for four days !!

HELP Please.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:05 13 Aug 2004

Computer not playing CDDA tracks.

CDDA tracks recognised as 1k in explorer

Do you have an audio lead between the CD drive and your audio card?

my computer - right click drive - properties - atuoplay tab - select music files - play with media play (or your prefered music player)

  Confab 13:05 13 Aug 2004

Can you let me know the exact error message

  woodchip 14:11 13 Aug 2004

If it's a New "Music" CD they are putting something on so you cannot play on Computer to stop Copying

  woodchip 14:17 13 Aug 2004

A way round it if you want to make a backup is connect a audio lead from a Portable CD player earphone socket to line in on sound card, Play and copy but turn the sound down or it may blow the speakers also distort sound. Then burn to CD if that's what you want, it play in car

  Derek 14:48 13 Aug 2004

Thanks everyone, I reply as follows;
To Fruit Bat,as explained- cables in order and I can play some CD's.
To Woodchip, all my CD's are like me,a bit old!
To Woodchip #2, Doesn't really apply, never copy 'bought' CD's and never play them in the car. As stated, the CD's used to work Ok.
To Confab,

The error message I cannot remember precisely but it said that I should try selecting analogue rather than digital. I'll send this responce now, close down and fire up the other machine to verify the exact message.

Many thanks. Derek Miles.

  woodchip 14:56 13 Aug 2004

If they are Old CD the format of CD's are many and varied, I have had your problem from 1995 on Computers change the drive and it may read them.

  Kate B 15:23 13 Aug 2004

long shot, but try another piece of software? I use iTunes, a free download from Apple, and it plays (and rips) all music CDs, including ones with copy protection and their own rubbishy software players, absolutely fine.

  Derek 15:46 13 Aug 2004

Thank you Confab,
First of all I tried the whole thing again and yes it still plays my 'homemade' CD's but not any of my 'bought' ones.
I click on the icon and Win Med Plyer 9 series comes up and then I click appropriate top right box to get the CD playing, the messages I get are as follows;
"Windows Media Player encountered an
error when reading the CD-ROM drive in Digital Mode. Click Ok to switch to Analogue Mode. Click cancel to Retry playing in Digital Mode".
I click as told and then I get another box which says much about the same so I click on "More Information".

Error ID = OxCOOD11F8
Condition ID = OXOOOOOOOO ..and there we have it !

And now Kate and Woodchip, Are you suggesting that I swap over to another CD-ROM because this I could try Woodchip. And Kate, Unless I can find a way to download the software you suggest onto this main machine, save it somehow and then load it onto the new built PC (which hasn't got an internet facility) then I could be a bit stuck.

  Kate B 15:57 13 Aug 2004

Derek, you didn't say you don't have an internet connection on your machine ...

How about getting someone else to download the executable and put it on a USB flash drive (I assume you've got USB ports)?

  Derek 16:44 13 Aug 2004

Thanks Kate, Yes the two machines are side by side and this one has BB. I could download the software but I don't know a way of transfering it to the other PC which has no internet facility and is quite basic.
I have a lot of USB ports but no flash drive (whatever that is !!)

Kindest regards as always D.

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