Can only open one Internet Explorer session

  RWBCAM 18:18 28 Dec 2006

For some reason, when I now try to open a second Microsoft Internet Explorer session, the new window opens up and simultaneously the existing Explorer window closes. This means I can only have one Explorer window open and no more.

Obviously, there are times when comparing websites that one might need to have a number of websites open. Please can anyone explain what is happening and how I might fix it? Thanks.

  SANTOS7 18:38 28 Dec 2006

If you have YAHOO toolbar uninstall it and try again..

  anskyber 19:33 28 Dec 2006

Can I assume you are using IE6? If so you might consider (if you run on XP) changing to IE7 or the alternative Firefox each of which have tabbed browsing.

Tabbed browsing is excellent for having several web pages open and the swap from one to the other is instantaneous.

  hzhzhzhz 20:02 28 Dec 2006

If you are using IE7,click on the icon in the square box to the right of the existing tab. This will open a new blank tab and from there type the new address or open a favourite. Then you can click between the 2 sites.

  RWBCAM 20:27 28 Dec 2006

Thanks for your suggestions (appreciated!!) but no luck so far unfortunately.

I have IE6 on Windows 2000, so IE7 not available to me with the extra tab option.

I've also got rid of the Yahoo tool bar as suggested but I still can't open any more Explore windows.

Any other ideas please?

  hzhzhzhz 20:36 28 Dec 2006

As anskyber says,download Mozilla Firefox and try that with its tabbed browsing or you could try the Opera browser.

  SANTOS7 20:37 28 Dec 2006

The YAHOO toolbar is the main culprit for this,(may require reboot) but you could try the following.

In IE goto tools/internet options/Advanced Tab/

You should have a list of items with checkboxes. Look for the one that says REUSE windows for opening new shortcuts,untick this option and try again..

  RWBCAM 21:25 28 Dec 2006

I have got rid of Yahoo toolbar and rebooted. I've also unticked the REUSE box but still no go (thanks anyway for suggesting these SANTOS7 and everyone else).

I will be trying Fireox anyway (thanks hzhzhz)as I hear such good things about it but I would have liked to have got IE6 to open multiple windows.

It looks like the solution may elude me.

  SANTOS7 21:35 28 Dec 2006

HMMM!!! puzzled now, will keep lookin tho..

  SANTOS7 21:41 28 Dec 2006

Longshot do you have YAHOO Messenger it seems to be linked uninstall all components of said prog and try again, just been reading a thread from another forum with exactly the same problem turned out he had TWO toolbars running and messenger uninstalled both and YAHOOO!!! all is well,hope it helps..

  Ashrich 21:53 28 Dec 2006

With one window open ctrl+n opens a new window on all browsers , how are you opening yours ?


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