Can only get mail on one account

  prince midas 14:45 04 Feb 2008

I have 2 email accounts on my computor both on outlook express,one is say bob1 and the other is say bob2.

When I go onto the internet and go to a site and it asks me for an email address and I give it bob1 it will send messages to me no problem,but if i give it bob2 nothing arrives.

If I send an email to myself on either bob1 or bob2 it will send to me on both emails,but why will it not from a site when i give it bob2?

  peter99co 15:15 04 Feb 2008

Check the properties of both accounts via Tools>accounts>properties from outlook express page
The two accounts may have same properties.You should have a different password at least.
you could delete and then add/ or change one

  prince midas 15:32 04 Feb 2008

Peter99 I notice on checking my email that on Bob1 it is set for server bob1 but on Bob2 for my Emails it is still set on Bob1 should it be on server Bob2?

  peter99co 15:42 04 Feb 2008

Dont get confused with servers just make sure that the email address and passwords are different for each account.if in dought delete and then re add bob2 making sure the email address info is correct

  peter99co 15:46 04 Feb 2008

Dont give you email address to sites unless it is safe to do so or you will attract spam. You should download Mailwasher from to protect you from this. you will not be sorry its easy to use and well liked.

  peter99co 15:50 04 Feb 2008

The pop3/smtp is pop3.bob2.etc and smtp.bob2.etc and pop3.bob1.etc and smtp.bob1.etc.....ok?

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