Can only format HDD on new PC as far as 51%??

  the fool on the hill 00:35 26 Jul 2003

I have sourced from eBay all the necessary bits for my first PC build project- PC Chips M810 mobo, 1.33 Athlon CPU, 256MB PC133 RAM, Seagate 4.3GB HDD. the PC boots OK from the WIN 98SE CD but when it formats the HDD it gets as far as 51 % then sticks, the HDD starts to make a strange noise and it won't progress beyond that. Have I just bought a dodgy HDD or is there another solution to this problem?

  hillybilly 01:00 26 Jul 2003

Sounds a bit like a dodgy Hdd to me. Have you got a boot disk? If so boot up to a:\ and type in the following command
format c:/q/u
that should format the drive for you, if it stops on the way then I'm afraid it it will turn out to be a dodgy disk! let us know how you get on.

  powerless 05:21 26 Jul 2003

Who is the manufacturer of the HDD. The manu's have diagnotsic software that can check a drive for errors.

  DieSse 09:47 26 Jul 2003

Yup - faulty hard drive in all probability.

  the fool on the hill 10:50 27 Jul 2003

Apologies, for the delay in responding to your helpful suggestions, I've been busy tinkering! I'm not quite sure how, but by using fdisk.exe I removed a partition and got the HDD to format 100%.I then began to load Windows 98SE and got to within about 10 minutes of completion when tha screen went blank and everything stopped.I rebooted and got a message saying that the operating system was loaded and I shouldnt load another one. I then rebooted again without any response at all - no beeps - no nothing. The monitor quickly goes to standby as well. The power supply is still working (CD drive lights up and works OK) but no life anywhere else. Fearing the worst the worst I changed the CPU to no avail, I have also changed the memory but still no good. Would welcome any suggestions please.

  keith-236785 20:29 27 Jul 2003

format again and try to install windows (dont forget to restart your system after formatting)

use the boot up floppy to start your computer with cdrom support.

change to the cd drive ie:-


(if e is your cd rom)

then type


good luck

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