can only connect through master socket

  gob14 12:41 21 Aug 2006

have just moved into newly built house n had phone line n broad connected and everything worked fine. electition came back and connected 4 wires into back of face plate that connects to master socket and now i have no broadband. all the phones work but no bb connection. if i unscrew face plate and connect to master socket then i can connect again. have all the filters connected properly and tried three modems but still have to use master socket. can anyone please help me with this

  FelixTCat 12:49 21 Aug 2006


Can we be clear about your problem. The master socket is the socket here the phone line enters the house. If you unscrew the faceplate the socket inside the master socket is usually called the test socket. Are you saying that the only place that you can get a broadband connection is the test socket inside the master socket?

If this occurred after an "electrician" changed the wiring in the master socket, clearly he has miswired it. Get him back to do it properly!



  gob14 13:23 21 Aug 2006

i could get a connection from master socket but after he connected wires for extensions(4) i can now only connect if i remove master socket and use test socket behind.

  gob14 13:25 21 Aug 2006

forgot to mention that with extension wires connected i get dial tone from all extensions but no broadband

  FelixTCat 14:03 21 Aug 2006


Unplug any phones etc from ALL the extension sockets and try again. I it still doesn't work, the wiring is wrong.

Like I said, the electrician has miswired the sockets. Get him back to wire them properly.



  gob14 14:23 21 Aug 2006

it does nt work as soonas u plug the master socket back in the test socket with or without anything connected. il get him back as its no prob cuz all the work is under warranty from the builders

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