Can only connect to internet at 28000bps

  j3nks 09:46 13 Oct 2003

Due to BT kindly putting a DAX box on my line to save them having to bring another line to the area and basicaly making me share my line with my neighbour (this was done long before the interenet was available) I can only connect at 28000bps. I have maximised the speed by going to a local isp that provides a very good service so the only slowdown is my conection.
What I would Like to know are there any call packages/options with BT that are cheap and require a full land line? If so what are they and what are the costs as I wish to get one to force BT to give me a full line and reach the heady speeds of 56000bps. There is a line available but another neighbour has that but no computer.
P.S. Broadband is not an option as BT have stated that our exchange is not to be upgraded.
All help would be greatfully received.

  graham√ 10:20 13 Oct 2003

Consider Home Highway click here

  tag1_uk 10:21 13 Oct 2003


I also have the same problem, but I don't know the precise technical details as you seem to, I have a 56K modem but am only ever able to connect to the internet at 28K. Again, broadband is not an option. I am in a relatively rural location though so perhaps I should expect that. As I'm paying the same line rental as everyone else is there anyway that BT should provide the same line speed as everyone else? I'm on BT Openworld pay-as-you-go so it must be a sinister plot to keep me online for longer......

  graham√ 10:22 13 Oct 2003

Or BT Midband click here

  graham√ 10:26 13 Oct 2003

New connection speed regulations click here

  graham√ 10:30 13 Oct 2003

Please note, you will never get 56K on an ordinary line. That's the maximum speed of the modem.

  j3nks 12:01 13 Oct 2003

I have looked at those options but they cost more that the package I have and unless the pricing has changed they cost more that broadband so a real bargain!
I have heard that packages such as caller ID, call minder etc require a full line and that BT would have to upgrade me to enable this which would be at a much lower cost than ISDN.
Can anyone confirm which of BT's options require a full line if any.
As regarding the speed I may not get 56000 but would be a lot faster than 28000 and as I live only 200 meters from the excange it should be as fast as possible.

  j3nks 12:08 13 Oct 2003

If your line used to be a party line then it probably has a DAX (could be DAK's) box to split the line in 2 as mine was. If you are miles from the exchange then that could also be the reason. I discovered this when enquiring about ISDN and for some reason they decided to send the enginer to the exchange to convert me without my permission. Ended up getting all neighbours calls but great access speed, when they put it right they put me back on the DAX line :-(

  [DELETED] 12:10 13 Oct 2003

I had a friend with the same problem and she pestered bt to turn up the bandwith on her line didnt help much but she did get a bit better connection,in the end they put her on 2 lines to get the speed up that sorted it she was connecting at 45/46000 then all this cos she kept giving them ear ache lol,also check see if your line has a fault.I dont think you should have to share a line nowdays anyway i would complain if im shareing a line im only gonna pay have the line rental lol.


  davejo 12:17 13 Oct 2003

It has been known that Bt will have what is known as GAIN on a line on auto.
If you call them on there fault line and explain your problem and ASK them (dont tell them because they really dont have to do this) to alter the gain on your line to help the speed problems your having.
This may not help you but its worth a try.

  roygbiv 12:31 13 Oct 2003

I had a DACS on my line, (connect at 24000) had to keep on to BT to get them to do something. They tried everthing, even put a new line to the pole. Eventually they removed it (or moved it to someone not on the internet!) now connect at 400000 (not perfect, but reasonable). Alan

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