can one upgrade using OEM XP Home?

  talia 18:20 11 Dec 2003

I have a system that has been running Win 2000but has crashed in a mjor way and windows will not load.

I was thinking of upgrading to XP Home and have an OEM disc.

Can I do this????

  Jester2K II 18:23 11 Dec 2003

You can't upgrade but can format and install.

  Gongoozler 19:27 11 Dec 2003

Hi talia. Do you know why your Windows 2000 installation is crashing so badly. Windows XP won't cure the problem if you have unstable hardware.

  talia 08:49 12 Dec 2003


This machine crashed back in October. I wass typing away on a word document when the whole file disapperaed and the machine crashed and would not boot up just like now. All I got/get is the blue scrren with the wording.

The machine still being under a warranty then was brought back to live by an Engineer. However he replaced the ME that was running with WIN2000.

The other day I lost my address book in outlook and the yesterday my machine would not boot windows.

It completes post but will not load windows even in safe mode

  temp003 09:36 12 Dec 2003

There is no upgrade path from Win 2000 pro to XP Home. In fact overall it would be a downgrade. You can upgrade from w2k pro to XP Pro.

However, you prob won't need the functions that w2k has which XP Home hasn't, and prob wants things which XP Home gives you but w2k doesn't (such as the extra features for WMP9 for XP).

As Jester said, you format the disk and start anew with XP Home (provided it is not just an upgrade disk).

w2k and XP share the same platform. If you have a recurrent problem due to hardware (or even software), it will prob repeat itself in XP.

  talia 11:13 12 Dec 2003

The reason the blue screen gives is: 'Unmountable -Boot-Volume'

The engineer did not leave me a boot disk and he cannot be made contact with

  temp003 12:04 12 Dec 2003

The standard advice on the net is to boot into Recovery Console and use the "chkdsk /p" command. To do that, you need to have the Windows 2000 CD (an installation CD, not the type of Recovery CD which restores an image of the hard disk at factory settings). Do you have an installation CD for Windows 2000?

  talia 13:05 12 Dec 2003

I do not have a 2000 disk. Could I install a new HD and a clean version of XP, also have my current HD as slave so that I can get to my files and dat that is on it??

  temp003 14:00 12 Dec 2003


  temp003 07:36 14 Dec 2003

Forgot to mention a couple of things.

If your old Windows 2000 is on NTFS file system, you must format your new hard disk where you install XP as NTFS as well in order to read the old disk.

Another thing you could try with the old Windows 2000 is to download the w2k installation floppies from click here There are 4 of them, and are the equivalent of the CD. Download Disk 1 to Disk 4, and save them separately to 4 floppies. Boot up computer with disk 1 and you'll be prompted to insert the others. When all 4 have been loaded, you can enter Recovery Console (I think you press R first, then select Recovery Console (Press C I think), select your w2k installation which is 1, press enter, and enter your administrator password (if you don't have a password, just leave it blank and press Enter). Then at the C:\WINNT> prompt, type

chkdsk /p


chkdsk /r

and press Enter, wait patiently for it to finish, then type exit, and press Enter to restart computer, remove floppy now, to see if it helps.

  talia 15:17 14 Dec 2003

I will give this a go Temp003

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