Can one refresh Windows Me?

  canute44 12:12 26 Jan 2005

Some months ago I seem to remember that a contributor to this forum was going to outline how he/she refreshes Windows. Can one refresh Windows Me in such a way as to retain Internet Explorer 6 and not revert to Internet Explorer 5? I have no problems at the moment and simply pose the question.

  ACOLYTE 12:17 26 Jan 2005

Not sure what you mean by "refresh"? do you mean update,clean up.

  Chezdez 12:19 26 Jan 2005

doesn't windows ME have system restore? or was it 2000 it was introduced? (can never remember in which order they came out)

if it does, then system restore will revert your settings back to the date a restore point that was made, but leaves all programs and files intact

  Technotiger 12:20 26 Jan 2005

Hi, yes ME does have System Restore.

  jack 12:24 26 Jan 2005

Is there not something on the lines of running the system CD [If you have one] again to allow corrupted /missing files be over written?

  Chezdez 12:25 26 Jan 2005

thought so, thanks

so, it would appear that 2000 doesn't have system restore (i'm on a 2000 pro comp at college), so that would imply that 2000 came out before ME, am i right?

  Chezdez 12:26 26 Jan 2005

do, you mean a repair installation?

that would replace any corrupt or missing files, but i'm not sure what effect it has on third party software and files

  canute44 12:27 26 Jan 2005

The contributor I referred to did not clarify. I would assume that when System Restore does not do the trick (or plain doesn't work)then instead of doing a reinstall of Windows Me (as I have done several times in the past)he/she was referring to a means of replacing corrupt files or settings without the need for a full reinstall of Windows.

  johnnyrocker 12:29 26 Jan 2005

i take that to mean system restore.


  Chezdez 12:29 26 Jan 2005

that would be a repair install, see my above post

  ACOLYTE 12:30 26 Jan 2005

System restore only backs up the registry and maybe some windows files so it wont have any effect on 3rd party apps.

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