Can not start windows in safe mode

  zimara 20:07 20 Nov 2008

When i turned on my PC i got a blue error message " stop 0x000000D1 DRIVER IRQL_NOT_LESS_NOT_EQUAL."

To correct this issue i was going to load windows in safe mode and update drivers and vista hotfixs. However when i try to start in safe mode it always reverts back to the blue screen.

I dont know why this is happeneing, anyone got any ideas of
1. how to start in safe mode
2. what the error message is im getting.

Im running windows vista 64bit processor

Thanks in advance!!

  BurrWalnut 20:53 20 Nov 2008

Here are a few things to try:

Boot from the Vista DVD or a Recovery Disk (see below), then:
1. Run System Restore from a date before you started having problems. click here If System Restore doesn’t work when selected on the menu, go to the Command Prompt option, type rstrui.exe /offline:c:\windows and press Enter.
2. Run the System File Checker. This can repair many corrupted system files. It will also identify in the log file any corrupted files it could not repair click here
3. Run a Vista startup repair. This can repair a lot of problems click here
4. Do a Vista upgrade repair reinstall. This gives you a new OS without changing settings, files, folders, other programs and the like click here Read the note regarding SP1.

If you don’t have a Vista DVD you can download and create a Recovery Disk (32-bit x86 or 64-bit x64) click here

After downloading the ISO image to your hard disk, burn it to a CD (a DVD is not necessary as the 32-bit version is 120MB and the 64-bit version is 148MB). On the CD, there are two folders (Boot and Sources) and one file Bootmgr.

It cannot install Vista but it repairs an installation in the same way as the Vista DVD, i.e. boot from the disk, choose ‘Press any key to boot from CD/DVD’ and Vista will start to load the Windows files. Select your language, time, currency and keyboard then click ‘Repair’ in the bottom left corner. There are five choices within Repair: Startup Repair, System Restore, Backup Restore, Memory Test and Command Prompt.

  MsTechie 21:16 20 Nov 2008

If none of the above work try removing all external devices attached to the computer i.e. USB devices, then restarting. If that doesn't work try re-seating the RAM.

  zimara 21:36 20 Nov 2008

Thanks for the reply both of you.

BurrWalnut, i have tried booting from the vista DVD rom but it still just goes the blue error screen. It doesnt even get close to booting to windows, i literally cannot get passed the blue error screen. Whne i do get tot he advanced boot options and selct "safe mode" it just chucks me to the blue screen:(

  hiwatt 08:15 21 Nov 2008

Instead of safe mode try last known good configuration.

  BurrWalnut 08:27 21 Nov 2008

As you’re getting an Advanced Boot options menu, it means you’re not booting from the DVD, as it doesn't exist on the DVD.

I don’t think you have put the CD/DVD drive ahead of the HDD in the BIOS boot sequence or you’re not ‘Pressing any key to boot from CD/DVD’ soon enough.

  zimara 09:27 21 Nov 2008

I wasn't getting the advanced boot options by pressing F8 but started pressing any old key and seems i need to press F4 first then F8.

Well i tried to startin safe mode and all the other options including last know config and it still just brings me back to the blue error screen.

Here is what happens. The window disc is in the drive.

I reboot the computer pressing F4, it take me the "windows boot manager"
This has 3 options:

Windows setup [ems enabled]
press f8 for advanced options
Tools: windows memory diagonstic

I press F8 and it goes to a windows is loading files screen (black with white load). The advanced options menu is loaded and i select "start in safe mode". It starts loading in windows system32 drivers then says please wait. I wait about 3-4 mins and it goes right back tot he blue screen!! Im running out of ideas now:(

  domain 11:22 21 Nov 2008

Hello forum member

Take advice expert.

  BurrWalnut 14:17 21 Nov 2008

The options you are choosing are not from an OEM or Retail Vista DVD. They must be from a manufacturer’s recovery/repair DVD or your recovery partition. Would I be right in assuming you have a preinstalled version of Vista?

1. Borrow from a friend (or download/create) the Vista DVD as I explained above.
2. Make sure the BIOS boot sequence has CD/DVD as the first option.
3. Put the CD/DVD in the drive and restart the computer.
4. Don’t press any keys until you receive the message “Press any key to boot from ……”.
5. Vista will start to load the Windows files. Select your language, time, currency and keyboard then click ‘Repair’ in the bottom left corner. There are five choices within Repair: Startup Repair, System Restore, Backup Restore, Memory Test and Command Prompt.
6. Now run the four options I listed in an earlier post.

  Castor_uk 19:51 22 Nov 2008

I have almost the same problem with my PC.

I had a intermittent wireless problem a while back which I believe was caused by installing the nVidia network drivers. After the usual uninstall and changes to setting which did not solve the problem I decided to go back to a restore point.

After doing this and rebooting (which seemed to work) I was prompted to reinstall some Windows updates which I did; but after the install and reboot the system locked up before getting to the login screen. I rebooted and choose the 'repair windows' option on the boot menu. However the system then crashed to a Blue Screen of Death, quoting a IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error; it does not quote any driver or file that could be causing this.

I then tried loading Windows normally which worked but there were just odd problems here and there, thing missing, settings wrong etc; this suggested to me that the install was now corrupted somehow.

I tried booting using the 'repair windows' option from the boot menu again but I got the same BSoD error; I tried booting from the Vista DVD but got the same error. I even tried safe mode but the system just locked up before starting.

Strangely I can still start-up Vista in normal mode with no problems, it’s all the other 'repair' options that are causing the problem.

There is obviously some major problem with my install of Vista. Any suggestion on how to fix this?

  woodchip 20:55 22 Nov 2008

Bad Ram can do it, click here

Also have a read of this click here

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