Can not shutting pc down correctly damage the HD?

  misters 20:22 19 Jan 2004

The reason i ask this question is my friend took there pc in to be fix because the pc couldn't boot up correctly and the man at the shop told her that cause her pc was not shut down correctly it caused damage to the hard drive, i was just wondering if this is possible also is there somewhere i can make a backup disc for win xp pro and would this disc act as a recovery disc?
Thanx in advance.

  john-232317 20:27 19 Jan 2004

Yes i recently had this problem after a power cut, it damaged some sectors and would not boot past 25% of scandisk.

  hugh-265156 20:29 19 Jan 2004

i dont think it can physically harm the drive but if you dont shut down correctly your unsaved data may be lost and then chkdsk normally runs when you switch on again.this is usually just to check for data errors not physical damage.

maybe im wrong.

  TommyRed 20:30 19 Jan 2004

Why don't you have any disks with your PC? If not you can use Norton Ghost, Drive Image or Acronis True Image 6.0 to take an image of your system so you can restore it to the same point in the future. I had no disks with my 98SE PC and I just used an image to restore to. I have even took an image on XP, just in case. TR

  R4 20:52 19 Jan 2004

It is possible to cause bad sectors if you get a power outage but these can be corrected by using a disk utility from the drive manifacturers site: these will mark the bad blocks so that the system does not use them.

Most windows O/S's run scandisk on bootup if the shutdown procedure was incorrect.

Norton Ghost is good for restoring the system as it can be run from a floppy if you system fails. Nero has a backup facility but I have not tried it yet.

  misters 21:15 19 Jan 2004

I understand that this can cuse some dame to the hd but would this cause the pc to get to the windows splash screen then not work atall if so is there a fix?

  DieSse 22:20 19 Jan 2004

It cannot cause any physical damage. It doesn't matter how the power is cut to a PC - by switch off, or sudden power loss - the hard disk does the same thing when it's power goes off - namely self-park and spin-down.

If it's in the middle of writng though, when the power is suddenly cut, it can lose data. If the data that is damaged is the FAT tables, this mean be quite serious corruption.

So it is possible that you may have to recover data/reload programs, and let ScanDisk or Checkdisk sort out corruption. In a really bad case you may even need to reformat and reload your backups.

  misters 21:28 20 Jan 2004


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