can not get a web page to load

  janetj235 14:50 12 Feb 2006

I have a pc game that has to be played on line, it give clue's and then a link to a web site click here and then get a error message, i have tried everyway, why is this happening i have never had anything happen like this before

  SG Atlantis® 15:00 12 Feb 2006

When I went to your link it required shockwave player, allow the active x control and install it.

  stalion 18:00 12 Feb 2006
  Giggle n' Bits 21:11 12 Feb 2006

then its probably already downloaded & damaged in your system. What you would then need to do is remove shockwave from the Internet Explorer - Tools-options-Settings, in there if the shockware files are listed as damaged delete then restart and re-download shockwave then re-boot. Problem should then be fixed

  janetj235 22:26 12 Feb 2006

Thank you for your help but sorry to say it is still not working, when i go to download shockwave i click on the download the error message comes up and then close's my internet explorer completely

  SG Atlantis® 22:27 12 Feb 2006

which version of Internet Explorer are you using?

  janetj235 22:45 12 Feb 2006

sorry not sure but i think i have just updated to 6 something lol drrrrr

  Skyver 23:11 12 Feb 2006

Try this click here

  janetj235 07:40 13 Feb 2006

thank you everyone for your response, but i might have confused the issue, i am playing a online game, through the game i use a link, which is click here, the game i am playing is called in memoriam, i can access this site and then go to the link for xineph, then the clue is a star, of which there is 3 of them, i have clicked on 2 and 3 and get a video clip, but when pressing on 1 i get the error message,

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