can not get on my pc

  sammymossb 09:29 03 Nov 2005

Hi my name is samuel moss

i am trying to get on my pc
and it says
media test failure check cable
exiting PXE
press f1 to reboot and F2 for setup utility

P.S. i am curruntly on windows 2000

  Splork 09:32 03 Nov 2005

Can you open the PC and check the cables? Any strange noises from the hard-drive lately? Does the BIOS correctly detect the HD?

  sammymossb 09:34 03 Nov 2005

hi it is sam again yes but i cannot see anything wrong with the cables

  Splork 09:37 03 Nov 2005

And what about BIOS? does it detect the drive? How old is the system?

  sammymossb 09:39 03 Nov 2005

i am afraid i cannot tell u that because i do not know
i cannot even get on the computer atall

  Splork 09:40 03 Nov 2005

Press DEL or F1 repeatedly as soon as you switch the PC on. Can you hear the hard-drive spin up when you switch on? It should make a chattering sound for a second or so.

  sammymossb 09:41 03 Nov 2005

yeh it does it for about 1 min

i have tried that but i did not work

  Splork 09:43 03 Nov 2005

YOu need to get into the BIOS to see if the PC is detecting the drive. What make/model of PC? Is it networked? Has it worked OK until now?

  sammymossb 09:50 03 Nov 2005

the pc is dell optiplex 460 i think and i cannot get as far as the BIOS
it is not networked yet and it has worked about 5 weeks ago

  Sans le Sou 09:52 03 Nov 2005

Have you got a load of peripheral stuff connected

  Sans le Sou 09:54 03 Nov 2005

Sounds like a network error

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