Can not find webcam

  tooter 20:11 26 Jun 2010

I have a 3 year old Novatech laptop running Vista, which has a fitted Webcam that has stopped working. (It did work when I first purchased it). When I select the “Video View” icon from the desktop the picture box appears but is blank alongside another box with a message saying “Sorry you have no video capture hardware. Video capture will not function”. I searched for the Webcam in Device Manager / Imaging Devices but there is no sign of it, only the printer is listed. I thought Vista searches for all devises that are connected so why can it not find and load the Webcam. The only things I have changed from new are to add a Logitech wireless mouse, HP scanner/printer and connected to Netgear wireless modem. Thanks for any help

  onthelimit 20:34 26 Jun 2010

Mmmm - doesn't look promising for the built in webcam. I'd be tempted to try a cheap separate laptop camera - click here - for a tenner, it's worth atry?

  mole44 06:00 27 Jun 2010

had the same trouble with a friends Advent laptop,i even tried restore to no avail. Spent hours trying to find and sort a fix,then it sudenly stared to work,i`m still mystified,me thinks computer are taking the mickey out of us humans.sor this is no help but might explain your plight.

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