Can Not Access Microsoft Word 2000?

  Mark-293923 17:13 01 Nov 2003

Just recently, whenever I try to access Microsoft word the PC just hangs, until I hit CTRL-ALT-DEL.
Then I get the blue screen of death, so I hit CTRL-ALT-DEL. again and a message appears stating 'System dangerously low on resources, would you like to terminate winword.' I then click yes and nothing happens, I then have to reset.
I have tried the following:-System restore, Uninstalling and Reinstalling Microsoft Word, scandisc and defrag.
I have a P4 running Windows ME. Can anyone Help? Thanks Mark........

  ricvic 17:20 01 Nov 2003

Have you tried deleting the '' template?
Do a search for it on your hard drive.

Also have you recently installed any software, such as addressing or voice software, which might have added an add-in?

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