Can no longer increase my virtual memory size

  thatguy 21:46 11 Jan 2017

I usually have my virtual memory paging file size set at Min: 8196mb - Max: 12292mb. I know a virtual memory paging file size is optional but my computer no longer can run programs well without one anymore. (I blame my old CPU)

One day after restarting my computer, my paging file size set itself to about 1gb(ish). I tried increasing it, both setting it manually or letting the system manage the size but it always says you must restart your computer to apply these changes. I do that and nothing changes at all.

I've cleared over 100gb of space on the hard drive that I'm trying to change the paging file size for.

Any ideas would be great, thanks.

  Bris 19:53 12 Jan 2017

Check out the last post in this thread.

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